Hello everybody,

I found this company by the name of Ensighten. You can already guess that it’s a digital marketing company. What they do can be seen on their website. What I really wanted to focus on was the meeting they hold on in San Francisco. Where they bring their clients and partners out and show them the new skills they have discovered. I see this as a great marketing idea, because they give away some of their secrets and impress their clients. At the same time they get feedback from their clients and get paid for it. The tickets to attend cost around $500, but it’s worth it to hear from one of the leading digital marketing firms. They also invented Real-Time™ Tag Management Systems. Which for all of us students that go to the top digital marketing schools; this is fantastic! What it does is manage all these tags effectively and efficiently and ensure that tags don’t slow down your page load times. For more information click on the link and see what other innovations they have come up with.




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