Slow and Steady Loses The Sale

Hey Everyone,

Before I get to talking about losing sales, I found this great article about… you guessed it! Digital Marketing; it give 10 recent interesting facts dealing with online sales. you can go and check them all out in detail. The one that stood out to me was that 67% of U.K citizens blame slow website as to why they back out of purchasing online. I can not believe that companies have not taken care of this! I wonder what the percentage is in the U.S? Do any of you back out of buying something, because the website is performance is slow?



Digital takes off the runway.

Hello all,

It seems the more I search for Digital Marketing the more popular its becoming. One story that caught my eye was that BlueCross Hired a Digital Marketing Director! I am willing to bet that our Digital Marketing school will produce more directors than the other top schools in this field. Another article that made me do a double take was British Airways teaming up with windows 8 to create an App. which you can guess; it allows you to book flights. what I really liked is that the app also comes with an interactive map which allows you to see the reviews some locations received. Let me know if any of you have found any interesting digital marketing stories?