Slow and Steady Loses The Sale

Hey Everyone,

Before I get to talking about losing sales, I found this great article about… you guessed it! Digital Marketing; it give 10 recent interesting facts dealing with online sales. you can go and check them all out in detail. The one that stood out to me was that 67% of U.K citizens blame slow website as to why they back out of purchasing online. I can not believe that companies have not taken care of this! I wonder what the percentage is in the U.S? Do any of you back out of buying something, because the website is performance is slow?




Hello everybody,

I found this company by the name of Ensighten. You can already guess that it’s a digital marketing company. What they do can be seen on their website. What I really wanted to focus on was the meeting they hold on in San Francisco. Where they bring their clients and partners out and show them the new skills they have discovered. I see this as a great marketing idea, because they give away some of their secrets and impress their clients. At the same time they get feedback from their clients and get paid for it. The tickets to attend cost around $500, but it’s worth it to hear from one of the leading digital marketing firms. They also invented Real-Time™ Tag Management Systems. Which for all of us students that go to the top digital marketing schools; this is fantastic! What it does is manage all these tags effectively and efficiently and ensure that tags don’t slow down your page load times. For more information click on the link and see what other innovations they have come up with.



Mobile Is The Future Of Digital Marketing!


The truth is out! Well it was never really a secret. I have talked about this subject before; saying that the future of digital marketing is going to be in mobile (smart phones). Right now there are valid arguments which state that people do not really want to use their phones for major purchases. Which I can understand, if I was looking for manufacturing tools I might want to sit down and look at a desktop. In the near future though people’s mobile devices will get faster and better, to the point where desktops will be the old way to do research and feel outdated. If you were to type in “digital marketing” in Google News, you find that a great percentage of articles talk about mobile marketing. (Make sure its Google News if it’s not, then you will get all the U of M Dearborn Marketing School Student pages) I am currently following a woman by the name of Dorie Clark, which writes grade A material for Forbes. She’s always writing about marketing and digital marketing. This post was inspired by one of her latest writing’s which is titled Five Thing You Should Know About The Future OF Mobile. Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think. Am I crazy to think Desktops are going to secondary to Mobile browsing?