Gotta Love Youtube

Awesome video here about SEOs.It should prove useful for people going into the digital marketing field.Enjoy!


Digital Marketing vs. T.V

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!,

I found this awesome chart on Forbes which gave some great facts. I won’t insult anyone intelligence by stating what it is representing. The fact that the home improvement company are the top spenders in Google Ad words was an astounding stat. Who knows some of us who attend the top digital marketing school of U of M Dearborn, might be working for them one day? Take a look at the picture and let me know what you think.

Digital Marketing vs. T.V
This is interesting information for people going into the Digital Marketing field.



I happen to stumble upon what seems to be the greatest article for people that are going in the field of digital marketing.  It list off the top five things that we should see in 2013. We see that content is still the most important part in SEOs, but now you want evergreen content on your website, which is content that is going to drive long term traffic. The content that needs little/no updating for example “Digital Marketing Major stated being offered at the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2011”. This content is something that Google loves! Take a look at the rest of the list/article and let me know what you think.